We Now Cooperate With Danish Local Companies


… Or so I thought!

Hey guys. So I thought I would share some exciting news with y’all. As some of you might know (those of you who follow me on Instagram) I’m an exchange student in Denmark.

             (Hello there! That’s me Jonathan ^)

And some of the many struggles we students deal with is definitely money. Last week I was considering closing down this website in order to have more money for myself because hosting etc had/have simply become too expensive for me (yes that’s right!)

So in a desperate attempt to keep things running I called some local businesses in Denmark and made an exciting deal with them. The deal is simple. They sponsor this website (hosting, content creation etc) and I help them with their online marketing and social media.

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I have 4 local Danish companies that I’m now coopering with. These companies are:

Bedemand korsgaard (An Introduction)
“With empathy, respect and understanding of personal wishes, we provide qualified, professional counseling and help with practical conditions of death.
Korsgaard Funeral Business is run by Gitte and Jesper Korsgaard.
Based on our five local departments in Dronninglund, Hals, Hjallerup, Vester Hassing and Vodskov, we primarily cover Aalborg, Brønderslev and Frederikshavn municipalities, but can also help elsewhere.”

>> Få hjælp til bisættelse i aalborg 9000

Højbjergklinikken (An introduction)

“Højbjerg clinic offers different forms. For treatment by chiropractor, etc. in Aarhus. Pain in the back, neck and loin, as well. Headache and dizziness, can often remedied with treatment at a professionalsionel chiropractor or physiotherapist.”

You will find Højbjergklinikken and the bedste kiropraktor i Aarhus here

Amager Kiropraktik Center (An introduction)
“Amager Chiropractic Center was originally named Kiropraktisk Klinik Sofienhøj and opened in May 1975. 

In the fall of 1990
We moved to the current location on the corner of Kongedybet and Amager Boulevard, from which the clinic has contributed to the completion of chiropractor training by several young colleagues, and they are now well on their own careers around Denmark.

In August 2011
Chiropractor Kenneth Lehart Jensen and cranio-sacral therapist and masseur Lisa Lund became affiliated with the Center.”

You can find the bedste kiropraktor i københavn here

Klinikken Nyhavn (An introduction)

“Imagine standing at the anchor in NYHAVN and experiencing the beautiful colorful houses, the boats that lie well in the canal and a beautiful environment of people from all over the world on discovery, on adventure in H.C. Andersen’s track.

You walk down Charlottenburg and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the canal. At Gorms Restaurant in No. 16, you go right through the gate to one of the many charming Nyhavn back yards. Here, Vedels Pakhus stores from 1785. It is beautiful and well maintained today, owned by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre. The house itself is worth a visit.

Baby treatment clinic nyhavn16In this beautiful house we are lucky to have our clinic! You enter the ground floor, and in the RECEPTION you meet the always smiling and welcoming CHARLOTTE, who is the receptionist for the whole house.

KLINIKKEN NYHAVN16 lives upstairs in the 3rd floor – and do not worry … there is a lift. You may have a back injury or wear a heavy baby.

KLINIKKEN NYHAVN16 is a dream that, with its opening in February 2015, was fulfilled for clinician Annette Jørgensen. Annette was before this chiropractor and partner at Strøget for 19 years.”Here you find Kiropraktisk behandling af børn københavn