Playing the guitar online

Learn how to play the guitar online with these lessons

You finally decided that you want to play the guitar online with free lessons. Whether it’s to impress her the sweet girl or guy from the music class, to even become professional and fire it on the Orange Scene or just to have fun with the family and friends about the campfire, it’s now. You want to play music.

But what the hell do you really do when you want to play – whether it’s on guitar or piano? What item should you have in mind? And where do you start when to practice?

The questions are countless. And understandably. You’ve never really tried it before.

We have therefore decided in collaboration with the Music Institute of Copenhagen to make

The ultimate guide to becoming a better guitar musician.

And we start here. Right from the bottom.

Get yourself an instrument

First step is so obvious that it is hardly worth mentioning, but we do it anyway. You must of course have an instrument you can play on.

Either you have to buy it yourself or you have given it as a gift. It does not have to be the world’s most expensive guitar or the world’s most expensive piano you start. You can always upgrade it as you get better. And once you become world-renowned, you can buy all the guitars or pianos you can imagine.

For example, it could be an acoustic guitar you start on, just like getting the feeling of it all. Along with a lottery it’s all you need to start with. So you can always get electric guitars, amplifiers and tuners and all the fat stuff later. But you can of course also start with an electric guitar if that’s exactly what you’re dreaming about.

Here you can read a guide on what to pay attention to when buying your first guitar.

If it’s piano you’re after, you can buy a very simple digital electric piano. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to borrow a guitar or a piano to start with – by your father or a friend or at a local music school – to test if it’s really you. But it is often fatter when the instrument is its own.

Copy on life loose

When you start with the first guitar strokes, the requirement is far from writing your own masterpiece on La Jimi Hendrix. You only need to learn the most basic chords and a single number. All the big ones have also started learning one of their favorite numbers.

A good way can again be to ask your dad or a good friend how to really do. Sit down with them and practice. Or go to YouTube and search for chords and tutorials about your favorite songs. Then you will soon be on your way with the very basic knowledge. But be sure to stick to one song to start with! Otherwise, you only learn all half.

Love the guitar

First of all, you must know why you want to play music.

Even if you want to impress Sweet Malene or Anders from high school, it’s important that you’re actually happy with music. That you actually love the dream of standing and firing it on the guitar. Or blockwrap, if that’s what you’re up to – but then you will not expect to impress Malene or Anders.

It may be a little risky to get used to the keys if you really want to be a guitarist. Or the other way around. Then your music love can be swift, because that exercise will be annoying training instead of a joyful passion.

You must play guitar because you love to listen to songs with a fat guitar. You must sing because that’s what rocks your heart. You need to play the piano because you love Mozart or Beethoven or movie music – or whatever makes your heart float.

And then it’s just about to get started. And stay on. And by.