Aesthetic Bodybuilding

Looking to get Aesthetics?

I do not think I am mistaken, if I guess that about 9 out of 10 of those who start to strength train, do it because they want to be AESTHETICS, big and muscular arms. Unfortunately, there are very many who never really reach their goals because their training is not playing.

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The vast majority will get quite a good start results by just focusing on a range of good solid basic exercises and a few exercises for your arms. It is of course understood that you get a lot of good food that is rich in protein, and make sure to be in caloric excess. At one point the results will, however, begin to get a bit slower. When you have come here, so it might be a very good idea to look for more specialized Arm training if it will meet its goal, to get massive arms.

Muscle Growth – a complicated equation

Now you should not do weight training to rocket science, but the mechanisms underlying muscle growth, is actually fairly complicated. Of course it is totally irrelevant to the average weight training exercises, to know anything about what happens at the microscopic and biochemical level. But still it’s very nice to have an overall view of the many factors that come into play when we talk about hypertrophy response
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There are as many different types of workouts, all of which affect muscle growth in different ways. For example there is a theory that says that heavy and explosive training, which gives a very pronounced signaling in the motor nerves, play a role in the overall growth response when the neurotransmitters released at synapses, may act as growth factors. It is also known that the waste product formation occurs in the muscle in response to fatigue, functions as a signal for growth.

And when you load the muscle with heavy weights, and this is particularly the eccentric load, thereby creating micro-tears in the muscle, which also causes the release of a lot of signal substances for growth. There are also a variety of other factors, such as stretching, hormonal response, etc., which play a role in the overall hypertrophy response.

All these factors play a role when you want bigger arms. It is therefore necessary, for optimum results, to use a wide range of training techniques. Many are most concerned to get as many different arm exercises into their training program, but it is really quite uninteresting.

Biceps and triceps are relatively small muscles that do not suffer from all sorts of strange angles, and you can, with a few well-chosen exercises for a complete training of the arm. It is far more important that there is a variation in volume, intensity, rep range, udtr√¶tningsteknikker etc. And that’s exactly what we’ll try to achieve in the specialized arm program in this article.

Selecting split

When the arms are affected directly two times a week, then I recommend that you choose a 2-split, where you train four times a week, or a 3-split where you train six times a week. I will basically recommend that you keep the number of exercises for the remaining muscle groups down to a manageable level, on the days where you train biceps or triceps.

Otherwise, each training session too long. However, there is some flexibility in the following application examples. So if you believe that you need a simple back exercise, or a single chest exercise more, so it is not something that necessarily fall over the program. However, one should remember that often so more is not necessarily better. Quality over quantity.